Quiescence Demo Reel (2015) – Composition, Production, Assistant Engineer, Implementation

What the Doctor Ordered (2015) – Music

“The original music by Zachary Krodel is perfectly fitting for the defiantly upbeat, sitcom-like nature of this chronicle. This is what strikes us instantly in the opening instances of this exertion and it wins us over immediately.” – A Word of Dreams Review

Katawa Shoujo Piano Medley (2012, 100,000+ views) – Piano Performance

Download the medley (mp3): Click here

The Blind Girl

The Blind Girl (2011) – Music + Game Design

Download game: Click here

The Blind Girl is a short, experimental game that tells the story of a blind girl and her guide dog. The game uses minimalistic graphics and effects as well as music panning and sounds to evoke the feeling of being blind.

The Speck

The Speck (2010) – Music + Game Design

Download game: Click here

Download soundtrack (mp3): Click here

The Speck is an atmospheric, minimalist game where you play as…. A speck. Go on your adventure with the speck, explore its little world, and meet new friends along the way. At the end of your adventure, you will witness first-hand the horror that is the fate of all specks.